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2.6.15-1.2054_FC5 -- After suspend, applications not refreshing display properly (Intel 855 Chipset)


I am running Rawhide + all updates (probably very close to FC5T3).
After resuming after suspend, Metacity, Firefox, Gnome-Terminal, etc
all have completely messed up rendering.  For example, when I scroll
in Firefox, only about the bottom .5" of the display moves.  Nothing else
changes.When I scroll back up, the top .5" changes.  Also, in composing
this message using gmail's web UI, there is no cursor displayed.
When I bring Gnome Terminal to the foreground, the nothing but the
Metacity frame is refreshed.  The square cursor appears, blinking.

If I click on the Gnome Terminal window frame and drag it, the
terminal's Metacity frame disappears.  Killing programs and restarting
them does not help.  It is a real mess.  Has anyone else seen this?
I will look in the bug database for an existing bug report.


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