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kernel-2.6.16 ocfs2 - gfs-kernel


kernel-2.6.16 is released, it has ocfs2 but not yet gfs.
http://www.heise.de/open/artikel/70307  (de)

do you expect that gfs will find the way into the kernel ?
will gfs have ppc*-support in a future release ?

in kernel 2.6.16, ppc* support

not in kernel 2.6.16, no ppc* support


Fedora Core 5 has support for clustered storage through the Global File System
(GFS). GFS requires special kernel modules that work in conjunction with some
user-space utilities, such as management daemons. To remove such a kernel,
perhaps after an update, use the su -c 'yum remove kernel-<version>' command
instead. The yum command automatically removes dependent packages, if

PowerPC does not support GFS

The GFS kernel modules are not built for the PowerPC architecture in Fedora
Core 5.



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