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Re: file missing man-page !!!!

Jonathan : thnak you.
I think i have well understood what you wanna tell me.
I have no problem to install fc5 using dvd .
But i wonder if there is not a problem.
Please , listen : (and maybe, try to replicate what i did ?)
- I have downloaded the fc5-disc1.iso
- Have mounted the iso file and copy all the contains to a /var/ftp/pub/fc5 dir, on my private network (there is no error about that !) (ftp server on my private network : i have done like this for years ...
- have donwloaded the boot.iso image and burnt to a cd
- have boot off this cd (boot.iso cd, not fc5 disc1) on the PC where i want to install fc5
- type : linux askmethod, and choose ftp installation
- leave everything as it is (no changes, NO changes !)
- and just when the process begins to install the very first files, i get an error message, saying man-page, and gjdoc and ... are missing ! - i had a look at the iso and saw those files are not on the cd 1, nor on the /var/ftp/pub/fc5 dir (of course !!!!)
- there i guess, i had to download the dvd.
- but I THINK (Am i wrong again ?) that with only one cd, i could install all by default. (any way with only one cd drive, i cant use more than one cd at the same time :-/........) - and even if it is impossible, how could the guy who dont understand anything, guess that he had to download all the cds ?

Is it understandable, now?
(i am really sorry that my english is not very good :-/)

Again : i am not with a problem ; but i guess guys could have problems with this thing.
What do you think of this ?

Please, keep i mind i just wanted to show something that seems to me, a bit ... curious...

Larry :)

Jonathan Berry wrote:
On 3/20/06, LarryT <guess who freesurf fr> wrote:

Jesse : i did :
mount -o loop fc-5-dsic1.iso /mntmydir
cp -r /mnt/mydir/* /var/ftp/pud/fc5/
Then i run rescue cd
type linux askmethod
choose ftp install
And get the error message

I repeat that files are missing on the first cd
So if onewanna install from the first cd, it seems impossible.

Am i wrong or something ?

Uhh, there are 5 CDs for a reason.  If you want software that isn't on
CD1, then you need the other CDs.  It's that simple.  What's not clear
to you?  I'm not trying to be ugly or anything, just asking [just in
case you assume a tone I'm not trying to imply; it's hard to hear my
inflection in text ;)].  You probably need at least CD2 as well, maybe
CD3.  Of course, you could possibly need all 5 depending on your
software selection.

You probably need the CDs in separate directories, disc1, disc2, etc. You might even be able to loop mount the isos in place rather than
copying.  I know I've done that with a DVD iso and NFS export.  I
don't know what the implications are with, say, SELinux or whatever. It worked for NFS (no SELinux).


"Computers are like air conditioners - They stop working properly when you open Windows !"

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