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Re: file missing man-page !!!!

So Jonathan, i think we are all right :)
BTW, i think that ftp installation necessary needs a remote ftp directory (of course !), where ALL (=ALL !!) the data have been copied ! Here is the point i missed ! The guy who wants to install from one cd, will surely burn the fc5disc1 ! But this is not what i first did : i copy the contain of the first cd to a ftp dir : here is my mistake. Booting from the cd recue, the soft cant guess that the remote ftp dir only contains the first cd rpms !
So this question/problem is closed (to me).

BTW i am sorry the minimal/everythink installation choice have been removed.


Jonathan Berry wrote:
On 3/20/06, LarryT <guess who freesurf fr> wrote:

Jonathan : thnak you.
I think i have well understood what you wanna tell me.
I have no problem to install fc5 using dvd .
But i wonder if there is not a problem.
Please , listen : (and maybe, try to replicate what i did ?)
- I have downloaded the fc5-disc1.iso
- Have mounted the iso file and copy all the contains to a
/var/ftp/pub/fc5 dir, on my private network (there is no error about
that !) (ftp server on my private network : i have done like this for
years ...
- have donwloaded the boot.iso image and burnt to a cd
- have boot off this cd (boot.iso cd, not fc5 disc1) on the PC where i
want to install fc5
- type : linux askmethod, and choose ftp installation
- leave everything as it is (no changes, NO changes !)
- and just when the process begins to install the very first files, i
get an error message, saying man-page, and gjdoc and ... are missing !
- i had a look at the iso and saw those files are not on the cd 1, nor
on the /var/ftp/pub/fc5 dir (of course !!!!)
- there i guess, i had to download the dvd.
- but I THINK (Am i wrong again ?) that with only one cd, i could
install all by default. (any way with only one cd drive, i cant use more
than one cd at the same time :-/........)

I think this is the issue.  I do not believe that you can install
Fedora with the defaults using only CD1.  I've mostly used DVDs to
install, so I guess I don't know for sure, but that is my
understanding.  This is one of the potential problems with Fedora: you
have to download a large amount of data (the isos) to install it.

Regarding having only one CD drive, when you get to packages on other
CDs, the installer will prompt you to change the CD out.  It will say
something like "Please insert CD 2 now" and maybe even spit the first
CD out :).  This is why I normally use the DVD.  I just set it up and
it goes.  No need to check on it to see if I need to change out the

- and even if it is impossible, how could the guy who dont understand
anything, guess that he had to download all the cds ?

I guess it had not occurred to me that someone might think you could
install using only CD1.

Is it understandable, now?
(i am really sorry that my english is not very good :-/)

You're English is intelligible enough :).

Again : i am not with a problem ; but i guess guys could have problems
with this thing.
What do you think of this ?

Please, keep i mind i just wanted to show something that seems to me, a
bit ... curious...

You bring up some interesting points.  Some of which have been
discussed.  The idea has been proposed to be able to install some base
level of Fedora from only one CD.  Then have add on CDs for various
other package groups.  I don't think we have figured out a good way to
do that, because you might need to download some things twice,
depending on how the packages are split up and what you want to


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