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Re: file missing man-page !!!!

Thx a lot, all :)
If i prefer to copy all from the dir i *mounted -o loop* the iso's, there is a reason : i make two or three installations (having few pc) , so ... it is easier.

David Timms wrote:
LarryT wrote:

So Jonathan, i think we are all right :)
BTW, i think that ftp installation necessary needs a remote ftp directory (of course !), where ALL (=ALL !!) the data have been copied ! Here is the point i missed ! The guy who wants to install from one cd, will surely burn the fc5disc1 ! But this is not what i first did : i copy the contain of the first cd to a ftp dir : here is my mistake. Booting from the cd recue, the soft cant guess that the remote ftp dir only contains the first cd rpms !
So this question/problem is closed (to me).


You are very likely to need more than just disc1, even for a default install. (Previous Fedora's I've need disc 1 & 2 for a GUI install with the openoffice.org apps, if you want to install different types of machines, you might need more (even for just a couple of files)
You don't have to copy the CD's content's to your ftp server path !
- just put the .iso images on the ftp server.

-it's something like: (you also need to get permissions correct - test with a anonymous ftp to the server)
#mkdir /home/fc5/disc1
#mkdir /home/fc5/disc2
#mkdir /home/fc5/disc3
#mount -o loop FC-5...disc1.iso /home/fc5/disc1
#mount -o loop FC-5...disc2.iso /home/fc5/disc2
#mount -o loop FC-5...disc3.iso /home/fc5/disc3

 >linux askmethod
 >/home/fc5/disc1   [from memory]

The installer knows to look for disc 1 Fedora/RPMS in the given folder, but when it needs disc2 it looks in ../disc2/Fedora/RPMS,
and when it needs disc3 it looks in ../disc3/Fedora/RPMS etc.

I did happen upon this by accident (looking at the CTRL-ALT-F3,F2 during installation and seeing the multiple paths it was searching for ;-)

It all works quite nicely even though it is not well documented. (I go one step further and set dhcp server and tftp server, and have the machines to install do a network book and begin install).


"Computers are like air conditioners - They stop working properly when you open Windows !"

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