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Re: Fedora Release package from rawhide converts to core 5 repository

Jeff Spaleta wrote:
On 3/21/06, Dwaine Garden <DwaineGarden rogers com> wrote:
Updating with yum, and now it's pointing me back to the official fedora
Core 5 repository.

How do I get back to updates from rawhide.   Tried to upgrade back to
fedora-release package from development
Then tried uninstall of yum with re-install.  Nothing.  Still stuck
pointing to official core 5 release.

Anyone else have this problem?

disable the core, updates and extras repo.  Enable the development and
extras-development repo.
Assuming you have the fc5 fedora-release package installed
edit each of the files below accordingly:
fedora-core.repo     ---> enabled=0
fedora-updates.repo ---> enabled=0
fedora-extras-.repo ---> enabled=0
fedora-extras-development.repo ---> enabled=1
fedora-development.repo  --> enabled=1


back in business. Thanks worked. Was not expecting to edit the repo files.

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