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RE: Vendor only distributable packages - was " Kernel 2059 from Dave Jones fixes nvidia.ko loading"

I must admit that your argument is a very good one and one I will take as my answer.  I just hope that the attention that gcj and evince have had to make them ready for prime time will translate over to these other "holes".



<jspaleta gmail com> wrote:

I will say that I personally would prefer if this project continues to
take a very hardline stance with regard to providing a complete
open-source experience, instead of providing pre-configured links to
any proprietary solutions to fill in the gaps in the foss stack. I'm
fully prepared to live with gaps in both software and hardware support
to encourage development of open source solutions over proprietary
ones. Even if that project policy impacts the release's overall
userbase popularity because of the incremental annoyance of finding
3rd party repositories... i believe its worth it if the annoyance
factor spurs increased interest in open and distributable
implementations of the missing functionality.

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