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Re: Will we ever get a i686 build of fedora core

On Tue, 2006-03-21 at 05:46, parta wrote:

> I am wondering why people at redhat don't release fedora core for
> i686. I think it will be better on performace.

If this isn't a FAQ it should be.  RH (RHEL & Fedora) currently build
i386 packages with the optimizations set for Pentium4.  This gets
packages that run at optimal speed on a P4 unless they make use of
instructions only available on later processors. Most packages do not
use any of these newer instructions but a few do, mostly the kernel,
glibc and openssl.  And whaddya know, there are i686 packages for all
three of those on the ia32/i386 install media.

This is a non issue that someone brings up every month or so.

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