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Re: fc5-test3 and external usb box : works fine :)

LarryT wrote:
Hi Jim,
did you find some easier way about this ?
Gonna give it a try with the new fc5 ...

I had a lot of trouble attempting a USB installation. I had no luck trying to use lvm for part of the installation.

The closest I could get with FC5T3 installation was to prep the disks by making filesystems, ext3 for the partitions that I wanted. I got the installer to select packages and start the installation. Shortly after starting the install, the laptop computer just went into shutdown.

Hopefully for FC6 there will be an option to install to a USB device and no post-install work will be needed.

I might move the USB disk to a desktop computer and give it a shot with FC5. Without CPU frequency control, my laptop cannot stay in installation mode for that long of a period.


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