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First Impressions

Installation went flawlessly. I used a DVD from a mirror site.

Screeen resolution is fine but movement actions are choppy. The test versions (t1-t3) had smooth scrolling and smooth output. Not the official relese.

I tried revising the mouse parameters, but this has not helped. I will try some other techniques or request some hints.

How do I measure (on a figure of merit) the gui stuff. Well, aside from the tests, for gui operation, I loaded the free cell solitaire and began moving the cards. I can get to the target location before the software / display catches up. This did not happen with Core5 tests 1 to test 3.

With the test verision I felt as if the solitaire game card movement was as good as as in Core4, then we are with a winner.

It is perhaps choppy due to screen resolution or refresh frequencies. I will retry and if it works out, I will let you know. Otherwise, I would like help to make the game have more default dispatching priori! ty. .

I would like to know if others have find some quirks as well.

Good evening from Montreal

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