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Re: CTRL-ALT-DEL vs. Menu Shutdown

> Ray Strode wrote:
> >>This should probably be in the regular fedora list since FC5 has been
> >>released, but I just found something that I don't remember seeing any
> >>other emails about and is in my opinion the wrong behavior.  When you
> >>hit CTRL-ALT-DEL, the logout / shutdown screen should be the same as
> >>when you select shutdown from the menu.  It's not.  It exhibits the same
> >>behavior as FC4.
> > 
> > It might make sense to do something on this front.  
> And what about the hibernate / suspend options? Is there some way to 
> configure these to be on one or both of the above mentioned dialogs?
Well there are a number of design problems right now with both dialogs.
We probably need to coordinate with upstream and get something nice for
gnome 2.16.

There are patches floating around to get hibernate in the old dialog.  I
don't know whether they'll ultimately make sense or not.  

The new dialog already does it of course.


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