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Re: Yum repos configuration for rawhide?

On 3/23/06, Horst von Brand <vonbrand inf utfsm cl> wrote:
> Paint me confused, but fedora-release-5-rawhide installed repos for
> core, development, extras, extras-development, legacy, updates, and
> updates-testing. Only the core and extras were turned on (right for
> Fedora 5, I assume), but the others weren't. Which ones should I
> turn on to track rawhide?

disable core and extras
enable development and extras-development

Be prepared for lots of oddness now that the fc5 freeze is over.
Rawhide is at its best right now.

-jef"yes I just said 'best' to describe the state of rawhide, because
I absoluetely love it when rawhide is bits of sharp glass that get
stuck deep between your teeth in your gumline as you chew on it
causing nothing but intense pain that you will never be rid of. Am I
running rawhide right now? Of course not.. im not THAT crazy"spaleta

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