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FC5 boot off of external usb box : works fine

Have update my doc-page ---> http://www.brothersofnet.freesurf.fr/sans_popup/fc5/fc5-usb-boot.htm
FC5 boot off of usb external box.
Have customized few initrd, like one can see at the very end of the page.
Happy if it could help someone :)

Specification : spacialy for motherboard that cant boot off of usb nativly. Booting from dos .... have a look if you are interesting.
This is the only way to boot, for me !


LarryT wrote:
Thx Jonathan,
but this doesn't work for all external box. :(
I first tried, but have to do what i explained of the link ...

Jonathan Berry wrote:
On 3/21/06, LarryT <guess who freesurf fr> wrote:
Jim Cornette wrote:
Larry tb wrote:
Make a kind of doc there :

Thanks! I'll give it a shot. There has to be an easier way!
Hi Jim,
did you find some easier way about this ?
Gonna give it a try with the new fc5 ...

Uhh, yeah, there is an easier way than editing the raw initrd.  I
don't remember the command off-hand, but you can run mkinitrd with
some extra modules as options (probably the same ones added by hand in
the  above).  Here you go, here is the writeup I did a while back for
The mkinitrd command is under step 8.


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