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Re: First Impressions

Jeff Vian wrote:
On Fri, 2006-03-24 at 00:03 +1100, David Timms wrote:
Leslie Satenstein wrote:
Installation went flawlessly. I used a DVD from a mirror site.
With the test verision I felt as if the solitaire game card movement
was as good as as in Core4, then we are with a winner.
As good as ? I would say it seems faster (with the standard open nv driver on an nvidia fx5600 card) !

how did you get the nv driver to work for you?
My install is from i386 DVD, FC5T2, FC5T3 and FC5 have installed properly (no tricks required!) and run fine for the normal desktop stuff (3d stuff is slow).

I have installed the x86_64 system and the nv driver refuses to work at
all for me on my nVidia geforce 6600 LX PCIe card.
At present the only driver I have been able to get working on this box
with FC5 is the vesa driver and that is not at the desired 1600x1200

Gigabyte mobo with AMD Athalon 64 X2 3800+ cpu and 2GiB ram.
Should work perfectly, and did on FC4, but absolutely refuses to work
with that driver on FC5.
My scenario is a little different and older:
AMD Athlon 2.6GHz, 512 ram, asus a7n8x mb with nforce2 chipset (sound and forcedeth eth OK), msi nvidia fx5600 VTDR 128MB 8xAGP (onto 1024x768 LCD)

So all in all, the bits are older, and I guess developers have had more time to find solutions for the bits.

Perhaps searching / posting
would elicit more responses from people with similar hardware (x64 +PCIe) rather than on the test list ?


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