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Re: Unpriviledged remote suspend

Stephen J. Smoogen wrote:
On 3/23/06, James Hubbard <jameshubbard gmail com> wrote:
On 3/23/06, David Wood <djwood1 qinetiq com> wrote:
Trying out FC5, I'm rather surprised that an unpriviledged user can initiate
suspend from a remote X terminal.
The shutdown option is missing (as expected)
but the suspend option remains.
As my HP nx9010 laptop doesn't seem to recover from suspend, this means any
remote user can trigger an instant denial of service!
Should this be bugzilla'd (or has it been noted already?)
The user has a laptop.  Why wouldn't you want them to have the ability
to suspend?  If you were really concered with unpriviledged access,
you wouldn't give it to them right?

We've noticed the same behavior with Dell M70's.  The suspend doesn't
work and when it's docked the supplied nv driver doesn't allow output
to the connected LCD.  We've tried the linva driver but it complains
about needing kmod_nvidia which I can't find on the linva repo.

Try the dell dkms and dkms nvidia driver from linux.dell.com/files/ It
worked for some of my dell systems (to at least load).

Thanks for the link. I was wondering when someone would produce a dkms rpm for nvidia. This solves one of the issues of trying to keep up with the latest kernels. It automatically recompiles the driver when the kernel changes. Very nice indeed.

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