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Re: Argh! FC5 installation: Cannot install FC5 disk #4!

Daniel B. Thurman wrote:

I am trying to install "everything" from the new FC5 release
and apparently, when you install "everything", i.e. everything
except Language, I had to insert disk 1 (of course) through to
all the CD's needed to complete the install...
Unfortunately, when FC5 asks for disk #4, it says:

"Please insert Fedora Core disc 4 to continue"

I put the FC5 #4 into the CD and pressed "OK"

This results in an error message:

"That's not the correct Fedora Core CDROM"

Ok... thinking that I burned CD #4 wrong (I checked
earlier that CD1-5 was valid) I burned another CD #4,
checked it, then put in into the CD drive and hit "OK"

Same error message was reported....

Sigh... now what...  what can I do to complete
my installation?


Did you use bittorrent? If so, you may have gotten the wrong disk 1 2 and 3. If you can, mount the cd1 and look in the rpms directory and check the dates on the rpms. If they are back in January, you have the wrong CD1-3. Redownload the first three cds. Another clue that you have the wrong cd1 is that there is a warning that this is a test release near the beginning of the install.

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