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[Fwd: [Mono-dev] file(1) mono assembly magic support (for Linux distribution maintainers)]


Not sure if the mono packagers are aware, but this has been posted this
afternoon to the mono-developer list.


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People packaging mono for Linux or other systems should
forward this mail to the proper person/bugzilla etc that handles the
packaging for the file command. Suse has already this change, Debian has
already it filed in a bug report. It has been sent also to the current
file maintainer.
Apply this patch to the magic file to recognize Mono/.Net assemblies.

--- magic.old	2006-03-24 21:12:25.000000000 +0100
+++ magic	2006-03-24 21:12:17.000000000 +0100
@@ -7205,6 +7205,7 @@
 >>>>(0x3c.l+4)	leshort		0x290	PA-RISC
 >>>>(0x3c.l+22)	leshort&0x0100	>0	32-bit
 >>>>(0x3c.l+22)	leshort&0x1000	>0	system file
+>>>>(0x3c.l+232)	lelong	>0	Mono/.Net assembly
 >>>>(0x3c.l+0xf8)	string		UPX0 \b, UPX compressed
 >>>>(0x3c.l+0xf8)	search/0x140	PEC2 \b, PECompact2 compressed


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