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Re: Mysql Query Browser...

"Nathanael D. Noblet" <nathanael gnat ca> wrote:
I know that the query browser was disabled in FC5 due to seg faults.
I found on the MySQL bug tracker however a patch that will fix it for
FC5. I used it with a src rpm to create an rpm for my machine. I've been
using it for a couple days now no problem. Just thought I'd mention it,
as I didn't see anything in bugzilla for mysql-query-browser... Though I
remember seeing an email on this list about it.

The bug report:

The patch is available here:


Just thought it could come in handy if you wanted to release the query
browser for FC5.
Thanks for the info. mysql-query-browser is an important tool. Hopefully, fedora-extras will carry it soon enough!

Meantime, could you post the rpm you build?


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