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Re: Issues about anaconda setting up NICs

Dan Thurman wrote:

As I suspected when I first installed FC5-T3, that somehow the network
cards are being setup backwards when setting it up via anaconda. My
eth0 and eth1 cards are backwards from anaconda but when I finally
got all my stuff updated and installed in FC5-T3, what I did was to
blow away the ifcfg-eth0 & ifcfg-eth1 definition files (setup initially
via anaconda) in /etc/sysconfig/network-scripts and ensured these also
did not exists in /etc/sysconfig/networking, I rebooted the system and
sure enough these files did not exists nor did I expect it to.  So,
proceeding and selected gnome-menu: System->Administration->Network,
I looked into the hardware devices tab and the eth0 and eth1 NIC cards
were properly assigned as I expected it to be.  So it was a simple
matter of completing the rest of the parameters and everything is setup
just fine.

I find this behavior exactly the same with the production release of FC5
as well.

So, my point is, that if you multi-boot as I do, Fedora is the one that
is choosing the NIC cards is backwards compared to other OS's I have
installed in my system and all because anaconda asks for eth0 and eth1
settings in a backward fashion.  Now that I got it corrected, I can MB
to different OS's without being forced to change my network cable

Please fix this behavior and get it right.

Kind regards,

If you expect to get it fixed, this list is not the only place to note it. File a bug in bugzilla.redhat.com, otherwise it is not a bug.

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