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Re: [FC5] ClamAV - Anyone using this?

It's worthwhile to run a scan at regular intervals. While most would argue you aren't very likely to get a virus on a completely patched Fedora system, it still won't hurt anything. Make sure you have the clamav-update package installed so you can run freshclam and update your virus definitions as well.

chkrootkit is another good program that will check for rootkits, aide for intrusion detection, make sure selinux is enabled, if you don't like the default fedora firewall firestarter is in extras, but either way have a firewall, run yum often, and so on and so forth.

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Subject: [FC5] ClamAV - Anyone using this?


Is anyone using ClamAV for FC5?  Is there any need to use
this on FC5?  Just wondered if it is worth installing this
application to ward of Viruses, Spy-ware, Mal-ware stuff...

Assuming this application is needed, I went ahead and
I have yum installed clamav and was getting prepared to
configure it and I noticed that missing is the /etc/clamav.conf
or /etc/clamd.conf depemding on the source the installation
instructions you have.

I note that there is a /etc/clamd.d directory with two files:
amavisd.conf  milter.conf but I don't think these replace the
above missing files?

Please let me know if there is something I am doing wrong and
while you're at it. perhaps point me to the link where I can
install the ClamAV on FC5?


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