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Re: [FC5] ClamAV - Anyone using this?

do 'man clamd.conf' to see options and values; the majority if not all have defaults so creating the file empty should get it running without complaining. There is no man page for /etc/clamav.conf on FC5, though I found one online that reads identical to the man page for clamd.conf on Fedora; this file may be for an older version of clamav, or an alternate name for the same configuration file, etc.


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Sent: Saturday, April 01, 2006 2:42 AM
Subject: Re: [FC5] ClamAV - Anyone using this?

On Fri, 2006-03-31 at 11:08 -0600, Jason L Tibbitts III wrote:
>>>>> "DT" == Dan Thurman <dant cdkkt com> writes:

DT> Please let me know if there is something I am doing wrong and
DT> while you're at it. perhaps point me to the link where I can
DT> install the ClamAV on FC5?

It's in Extras; you can do yum install clamav.  However, you may need
other packages depending on how you want to scan.  (For example, mail
servers will want either clamav-milter or clamav-exim.)

 - J<

Thanks to all who responded...

So far, no one has said anything about the missing
file(s) that I am looking for, i.e. the /etc/clamav.conf
or /etc/clamd.conf...

Anyone have any idea what is going on?  Do I have to create
this file manually?

Kind regards,

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