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Re: Trying to follow JPackage installations per Paul Howath per FC4 for FC5

Dan Thurman wrote:
 > I am trying to get a Java development environment setup and
> I was directed to follow the FC4 jpackage instructions but
> for FC5 and apparently the first thing required was to install
> fedora-rpmdevtools from the extras repository but this file
> is nowhere to be found!

fedora-rpmdevtools is the name of the package, not the name of a
specific command.

> All I got for the list is:
> fedora-buildrpmtree     Create RPM build tree within user's home
> directory
> fedora-installdevkeys   Install GPG keys in alternate RPM keyring
> fedora-kmodhelper       Helper script for building kernel module RPMs
> fedora-md5              Display the md5sum of all files in an RPM
> fedora-newrpmspec       Creates new .spec from template
> fedora-rmdevelrpms      Find (and optionally remove) "development" RPMs
> fedora-rpmchecksig      Check package signatures using alternate RPM
> keyring
> fedora-rpminfo          Prints information about executables and
> libraries
> fedora-rpmvercmp        RPM version comparison checker
> fedora-extract          Extract various archives, "tar xvf" style
> fedora-diffarchive      Diff contents of two archives
> fedora-wipebuildtree    Erase all files within dirs created by
> buildrpmtree
> spectool                Expand and download sources and patches in
> specfiles

Those commands are part of the fedora-rpmdevtools package.

> So - where is it... or is this step omitted for FC5 now?

You appear to have it (or at least have access to it).


Ian Pilcher                                        i pilcher comcast net

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