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Re: Proposals for mono-basic and monodoc


> > What is the depth of feeling for moving mono-basic into extras and
> > monodoc into core?
> Personally, given Novells deal with Microsoft, I'd rather see mono get purged 
> from Fedora all together.  Any future developments in Mono from Novell and 
> their partners Microsoft have far too much risk of being tainted for my 
> tastes.

The Novell deal has hardly been mentioned on the mono lists. Me thinks
the powers at Novell are interfering after the backlash. That said,
after all has happened with SCO, you'd think that given all MS has said
is there is a very vague IP problem, Novell would have at least taken a
lot more advice before entering into a deal with the devil.

As to taking all Mono applications out, I will abide by whatever those
higher up the food chain decide.

> That said, I'd hold off on any package shuffling between Core and Extras for 
> now.  We're (the Fedora Board and Core cabal) cooking something up that will 
> render this futile.

Oooooo, danger and excitement! danger and excitement!


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