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Fedora Testing - IRC meeting 1700 UTC Nov. 9


With Zod finally unleashed upon the world, the time is now ripe to talk
about testing plans for FC6 updates and for the (sooner-than-you-think)
FC7 release.

I'm proposing an IRC meeting in #fedora-testing at 1700 UTC (1200 EST)
on Thursday (Nov. 9), to talk about the following topics:

- FC6 testing recap
  - What was good, what was bad? 
  - Why did we delay, and how can we avoid that in the future?
- Beaker status:
  - Status of RHTS (found at testing.108.redhat.com)
  - How this will affect Fedora
- updates-testing
  - Do we need an extras-testing?
  - What's the policy for moving from updates-testing to updates?
  - Who actually tests these packages?
- bzbot
  - Do we want to have a bzbot on freenode?
  - Where can we host it?
  - Who wants to maintain it?

Are there any other topics people would like to cover? Send them to me.
I'll have a wiki page up shortly.

Also, I'd like to have these meetings be weekly, or at least twice a
month. Does 1700 UTC Thursday work for most people?

Looking forward to hearing from you,


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