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live CD/DVDs for test releases

This idea might have come up before, but it's hitting me like a brain
wave and wants to be discussed.  Let me know if you all think this
should be taken over to f-devel-l.  I'm mainly writing here because for
this to happen, folks such as Will Woods need to be behind it.

Wondering if we could target having one or several live CDs/DVDs for the
FC7 testX cycles.

There are multiple types of users who might run a test release but do
not because they:

* Have only one system and are loathe to risk breaking it
* Don't have enough experience or time to fix a system running rawhide
or a test release
* May have extra systems for testing, but not extra time to do a full
install on each
* Have older running hardware that is a PITA to install on, but easy to
boot a CD on

If we combine this with e.g. a set of Dogtail scripts that users can add
to, we make it easier for people to participate in testing.

For example, I could boot my system from a live DVD, load Dogtail and
set of common scripts plus some scripts I make for myself to mimic my
own workflow, then run those tests overnight while sleeping.  In the
morning, note any bugs etc., then reboot back into my working install of
the current release of Fedora.

If we also make a weekly rawhide live DVD/CD available, we make it
possible to include more of these folks throughout the development

The live CD concept allows us to create more than one set of packages to
test.  It is true that it would exclude other packages that are worth
testing on the same system, but it opens the possibility for
sub-projects to issue a special live CD just for testing e.g. Fedora
Directory Server or the latest KDE packages.

- Karsten
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