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Re: FC6Pre images relelased! md5sum??

Will Woods wrote:

As promised, we have pushed FC6 prerelease images to the trackers:

The following install-blocking bugs have been tested and should be fixed
in these images:
#206876: GRUB claims initrd is too big for memory on x86_64
#206453: installed x86_64/ppc system missing initrd, cannot boot
#206202: Anaconda traceback during lvcreate on ppc64
#206913: Anaconda exception on upgrade from FC5
#208080: ahci/ata_piix mixup causes Anaconda to not find SATA disks
This is not a complete list of bugs fixed, just some of the most
troublesome installer bugs from Test3.

There *is* a known bug when trying to install using Fedora Extras in
this release. Luckily we already have a fix for it that you can use with
these images! Just follow the directions here:
You can get the update image from here:
This will also help us test the Anaconda Update code, so if you're
thinking of using Extras, please give it a shot!

Another note: the keyboard won't work in firstboot. The mouse is fine,
though, so you can click your way through. I believe we already have a
fix for this, but it just didn't make it in time for this release.

Enjoy the updated images, and happy testing. Be sure to keep your
newly-installed FC6pre systems up to date and keep on testing as we make
the final push towards the release of FC6!


 what's the md5sum??


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