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Re: gnome-panel settings changed drastically

Tom Diehl wrote:
On Sat, 30 Sep 2006, Jim Cornette wrote:

I started gnome and both the top and bottom panels were at the top left of the screen. The panels were not set to expand or placed in the expected places. I was able to move the panels to the right places, add back the window list, clock, desktop switcher and customize all as what was set up in the panels before the update.
Are these panels supposed to no be small and with minimum features?
I had to adjust the desktop switcher up to 4 desktops from 1.
Also, gnome-terminal changed to a very light yellow from the usual white background. Is this by design?

I did not see any change on either of my rawhide boxes as far as the colors
or various panels, etc.


Thanks Tom for the feedback. I assume that my main disk is getting ready to fail. It went into read-nly protection for the LVM for about the fifth time. (Several days in between read-only access on the LVM) I guess it is the disk integrity on my side causing the problem. I'm waiting for the FC6-pre(test 4) ISO to finish downloading via bittorrent. Afterward, I'll do a clean install using a newer disk.

I just wanted to be sure gnome was not changing to the "defaults" that I am seeing.


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	The sooner you fall behind, the more time you have to catch up.

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