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Re: FC6Pre images relelased!

On Sat, 2006-09-30 at 06:42 -0700, John Reiser wrote:
> > As promised, we have pushed FC6 prerelease images to the trackers:
> > http://torrent.fedoraproject.org/
> In general, it is better to use the rescue CD instead of these
> FC6Pre torrents.
> First, the rescue CD is only 85 to 105 MB (instead of 3.5 to 4.2 GB),
> contains the _same_ anaconda functionality, and is updated daily.
> Today's rawhide updated a couple dozen packages already.  If you use
> the rescue CD then you [are forced to] get those updates via HTTP or FTP.
> Using the torrent image requires initiative to get those updates,
> and you get them via the network anyway.
> Second, the rescue CD is available from many mirrors (look in
> core/development/$ARCH/iso/ ) instead of just one seed.  Both
> 12 hours ago and now, the ppc torrent has 1 seed, 0 peers, and
> a download rate of less than 6KB/s.
Okay, I would like to do this. I can't get anywhere on the nfs install
from images that I received from the torrent.

So, I have the rescue CD.  How does one install via the rawhide?

Use "linux askmethod" and choose http or ftp?  What is the URL and/or
FTP address?

> Third, testing the rescue CD is more important than testing the
> install media.  The rescue CD has a history of being the forgotten
> stepchild, and has often had serious bugs (even showstoppers and
> data corruption), yet _every_ installation is a potential user
> of the rescue CD.
> For i386 only (where the torrent performs reasonably), and for updating
> three or more machines from the same torrent result, and before Monday
> (October 2), then I can see the value of the FC6Pre torrent.  But otherwise
> (not i386, only 1 or 2 machines, or after this weekend) then both you and
> Fedora Core probably would be better off using the rescue CD instead.

Send me some instructions: I am ready to get FC6 going before the
weekend is over. :)


> -- 

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