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RE: Reading boot messages on the fly

Anne Wilson wrote:
> On Sunday 01 October 2006 18:43, Remmelt Dirk wrote:
> > /var/log/boot.log includes only local7 facility logs. Whatever uses
> > local7. The only one I've found is /sbin/dhclient-script.
> >
> > Best choice for kernel messages would be /var/log/dmesg or the whole
> > /var/log/messages.
> >
> > To view all kernel messages via the serial interface "kern.*
> > /dev/console" should be enabled in syslog.conf (which is disabled by
> > default) if this is an option (i.e. via rescue cd).
> >
> Interestingly, syslog.conf contains the following lines (FC4)
> # Save boot messages also to boot.log
> local7.*						/var/log/boot.log
> So why doesn't it?

AFAIK dmesg prints all kernel kernel messages in the kernel ring buffer, 
/var/log/dmesg includes all kernel messages before the /var volume is writable.

/var/log/boot.log should contain init messages after /var becomes writable but this was discontinued around FC4. For some reason each call of initlog is commented out in /etc/init.d/functions.

There is an FC4 bugzilla report with boot.log being empty:

Dirk O. Remmelt
Accenture Services AG
mailto:dirk remmelt accenture com

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