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Re: rescue cd installation

The VNC installation method seems to also be broken. Instead of the standard GUI, I
get a blank X root window.

There's also no confirmation/bailout if a bad http installation source is given.
E.g., use: http://path/to/i386/os  as the install server or some random IP address.

> I finally got a good installation by using the default partitioning. Some things I
> noticed:
> Release notes are not available from Anaconda installer.
> It takes a long time for dhcp client to retrieve an IP address (usually a second or
> so for other hosts, but it was taking close to a minute during installation).
> No messages when I miskeyed the http installation source (defora!!) but at that
> point I was trying to do a custom disk layout. I'll try again in a moment with an
> invalid source. I'm curious if it will let me return successfully and try again.

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