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Re: fc6 pre x86_64 install report

tomhorsley adelphia net wrote:

One very mysterious improvement, this x.org bug:
still crops up during anaconda (I get to see a desktop pretending to
only be able to display 800x600 during install), but once the firstboot
happens, the automatic X config somehow manages to do 1920x1080
correctly (and I thought I'd been told anaconda uses the exact same X
config as the full system). Don't know why this is working under
normal circumstances now, but not in anaconda. (Not that I
object, mind you :-).

Anaconda intentionally limits the resolution to 800x600 because that's what the UI is designed for. Yes, this is a bad excuse, but we don't have a good scalable UI engine yet, so.

Good to hear the screen size was detected correctly.

- ajax

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