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Re: repo madness

Adam Pribyl wrote:
On Tue, 3 Oct 2006, Tim Lauridsen wrote:

tomhorsley adelphia net wrote:
I'd bet for mirror issues. Mirrors are out of sync and yum does crazy things then. Remove mirros list and use baseurl instead.

I tried that, but it looks as if the master repo has a primary.xml.gz file
that is woefully incomplete compared to the actual directory contents.
I think the mirrors are in sync, but they are synced with trash (or were
last night when I was looking at it in detail :-).



I have added some info about the issue.

The question is if that yum bug is present in FC6 or not...

I just installed a FC6 Prerelease system yesterday, and it had the problem.
It was fixed upstream after the Yum 2.9.8 release, currently in Rawhide.


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