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Re: Intel GMA 950?

Justin Conover wrote:
I'm thinking of getting a Dell e1405 with the intel card, just wondering how well it works. Are the 1390 wireless opensource drivers too?

I'm using a Dell e1405 (with the 1440x900 monitor) and am reasonably
happy with it.  I have had regular crashes of Firefox and Thunderbird.
(It is possible that I've misconfigured xorg.conf, so I'm trying now
with a simpler and cleaner xorg.conf.)

There are a few annoyances.  I haven't gotten dual-screen (using the
laptop screen plus an external monitor) working, though the man page
suggests it might be possible.  (This worked on my previous Compaq
laptop, using nvidia's closed-source driver.)  Worse, switching between
external and internal monitor doesn't usefully work, at least if I want
to make use of the full resolution of both.  I.e. if I'm working on my
desk using the external monitor, I can't take the laptop into the living
room without shutting down X.  (I have considered trying either vnc or
freenx to alleviate this problem, though I don't believe either of them
supports virtual screen resizing.  The idea is to run all applications
on a 1600x1200 vnc or freenx server, on the same machine.  Then I'd
start up 1600x1200 or 1440x900 client depending on whether I'm at my
desk or not.  Anyone have such a set-up working?)

Both pm-hibernate and pm-suspend seem to work in the latest pre-FC6,
at least from the command line, and using Ethernet rather than WiFi.
(I've mostly been using Ethernet, since the WiFi requires some more
complicated installation, which is a hassle when doing frequent
kernel updates.)
	--Per Bothner
per bothner com   http://per.bothner.com/

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