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Re: Intel GMA 950?

On 10/4/06, Thomas J. Baker <tjb unh edu> wrote:
On Wed, 2006-10-04 at 16:09 -0700, Per Bothner wrote:
> Justin Conover wrote:
> > I was curious about size
> > too and wondering if the 14.1 is a lot smaller than the 15.4 or just a
> > tad bit.  I know I could do the math, but visually makes a difference
> > sometimes :)
> 14.1" is a nice size.  I do most of my work with an external monitor,
> but when I move from the desk the smaller screen is big enough to be
> "almost full-size" but still makes for a laptop that is noticeable
> lighter and smaller than most 15" laptops.  The Dell E1404 is not
> the lightest 14" laptop you can get, but you can get it for a good
> price.  (Search for one of the online coupon codes.)
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>       --Per Bothner
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I just got a Dell XPS M1210 and it's very light, has a pretty nice full
size keyboard, 1280x800 screen, and completely open source compatible.
If you want light but full featured, it's a good option. I love mine so

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I was thinking about the M1210 too, I assume you got the intel 950 and not the nvidia card.

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