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Re: openvz inclusion in fedora or RHEL

Gilboa Davara wrote:

Rather OT'ish, but considering the recent warm relationship between MSFT
and XenSource, I've got a very bad feeling about having our virtualized
(Good one) future dependent on anything-remotely-Microsoft. It's not
like Microsoft never bribed one company behind closed doors to sue
OSS/Linux. (*Cough* SCO *Cough*)

The code is available under a GPL license. If upstream gets sour, fork it. Besides, OpenVZ and Xen are not alternatives but complimentary virtualisation technologies. Losing either of them is going to hurt.

Having Fedora adopt, even as a second, less supported option, OpenVZ is
a good way to hedge off our collective bet. (Plus, it'll go a long way
to help OpenVZ's patches into the mainline kernel tree)

Having Xen as a patchset is hard enough to maintain and requires a entire team of people to baby sit the process. OpenVZ on top of that is going is going to be a bad maintenance pain. There is interest within these projects and upstream developers in merging them sharing common infrastructure where possible and that would better for all of us in the longer term.


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