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Re: Have reached a point where I feel p***ed

On Thursday 05 October 2006 14:39, Michael Schwendt wrote:
> You're mixing two tickets. The ticket where logs are needed is not in
> NEEDINFO state. The other one is, although feedback has been provided.
> It is an oh-so smart way to ignore additional comments and effectively
> forget about a ticket completely.

My mistake.  The ticket isn't in NEEDINFO, yet the logs are still not 
provided, so the maintainer has nothing to work from.  Helpful that.

> Initial reporter has not responded yet. A comment from me did not clear
> the NEEDINFO state. 

When you add a comment, there is a checkbox for 'I am providing the requested 
information for this bug.'.  Until that checkbox is cleared, the bug sits in 
NEEDINFO state.  When I'm looking at a massive buglist (which most RH 
engineers have) bugs in NEEDINFO state are not looked at because well, INFO 
is still NEEDED before work can continue.

> Later comments also didn't get any reply. Not even the 
> question "whether FC6 shall ship with a broken mga driver?". No signs of
> two-way communication because of invisible developers. So, your best
> excuse is to blame us, who are in Cc?

No, I'm blaming the system.  Bugzilla spam gets lost in a sea of email.  I've 
probably got some 200 unread bugzilla spams.  I have to look at my buglist 
and sort out what things are important and need to get fixed.  Neither of 
these bugs were put on FC6Blocker, which anybody with a bugzilla account 
could have done, so it hasn't gotten any other 'supervisorial' eyes on it.

> > Before
> > that information is provided, however it is provided, the bug cannot be
> > worked on and other bugs, which have the needed info, will be worked on
> > instead.  If we held up every release so that every piece of hardware
> > worked perfectly, we'd never release the product.
> Apples and oranges, Jesse.

Hardly.  Your hardware doesn't work up to your expectations.  Vesa works to an 
extent, and thats better than a lot of cards out there.  You're (rightly) 
pissed because your hardware doesn't work and that effects you, and the other 
users of your hardware.  The fact of the matter is the majority of our 
userbase (from what we can tell) is mostly comprised of intel, nvidia, and 
ati video chipsets.  Its no surprise that these chipsets get more attention 
than others.  What I'm saying is that if we waited for every video chip to 
work as 'users expect', we'd be waiting a very long time.  Driver modules can 
be updated and shipped quite easily after the release, and users effected 
like you could then switch from vesa to mga.  There were other blocker bugs 
being worked on that hit FAR more users and thus were more important to get 
fixed.  If the requested information in the requested bugs was provided, or 
if the NEEDINFO flag was cleared, perhaps these bugs would get some attention 
for a FC6 update.

Jesse Keating
Release Engineer: Fedora

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