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Re: rawhide report: 20060929 changes

> From: Gilboa Davara <gilboad gmail com>
> $ OOSIZE=$(rpm -qi $(rpm -qa openoffice*) | grep Size | awk '{print $3}'
> | xargs | sed 's/ /+/g') ;
> echo $((($OOSIZE) / (1024 * 1024)))MB
> 240MB

Well, I have to tip my hat to that little bit of plumbing....
Almost makes me want to give up tcsh/perl for bash/awk.

On the defense-of-Emacs-in-core front, I propose this:

For "core" (i.e., bringing up systems, hacking broken config files)
Emacs addicts would only need the simplest bindings--none of that
usenet/chess/walk-the-dog stuff that never gets used.  (But it would
be nice if some customization was possible, like reading .emacs)

I wonder if...

  1) I should start yet another Light Emacs Project in C (as long as
     it could eat the funny bindings in my ~/.emacs file!)

No!  Better if...

  2) Emacs-common could be broken into core/extras portions with
     a <1/10 ratio, since it is currently 300+MB

I suppose vim+vimacs or joe/jmacs are options, but I have never tried
them because Emacs was always available in "core".  (Oh, hell, I'll try
joe...  Hmm jmacs works, but it is a little annoying since it has
slightly different bindings and ignores my ~/.emacs file.)

  3) If emacs is pitched into extras, anaconda could indicate that
     joe->jmacs->emacs clone to smooth some ruffled feathers.

Robert Dowling -- f as in fedora, rob as in robert <AT> rtdti.com
rtdti.com -- custom software for custom hardware

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