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Re: FC6 Pre-release (Test4)

George R. Goffe wrote:
Will Woods <wwoods <at> redhat.com> writes:


I know many of you have had problems installing FC6t3. Let me offer my
apologies, and my sincere thanks to you for *trying* to help us test
Fedora Core.

We still want your help! In order to make that happen, we've decided to
do an early release of pre-FC6 disk images. They will only be available
by bittorrent, in order to save us time waiting for the mirrors to sync.

This release should fix the most common bugs preventing installation of
FC6t3, including:

#206913: Anaconda exception on upgrade from FC4
#206876: GRUB claims initrd is too big for memory on x86_64
#208080: ahci/ata_piix mixup causes Anaconda to not find SATA disks
#206453: installed x86_64/ppc system missing initrd, cannot boot
#206202: Anaconda traceback during lvcreate on ppc64

...and others.
We'll make an announcement when the images actually become available.
Let me know if there are any questions.



I appologize for bothering you but I'm trying to do some testing on my newly
kickstarted fc6t3 system. I went to the repo file in
/etc/yum.repos.d/fedora-updates-testing.repo and changed enabled=0 to enabled=1.
All I get is an error (see below) when I do yum update. I've been searching for
the solution to this and it's how I found this posting.

Fedora updates testing is useless on a development branch/test releases and wont work. That repository is used for testing updates that are scheduled for general releases. You only need fedora-devel and extras-devel repositories enabled in the development branch/test releases to participate in testing.



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