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Re: can't install FC6 test3 on new core 2 duo box

Try to search this list. There were some troubles reported, but they are related mainly tu IDE/SATA used. This one has VIA chipset, so thats different..

Adam Pribyl

On Sat, 7 Oct 2006, Jeff Stockett wrote:

Default options throughout on install:

Mobo:  ASRock 775Dual-VSTA

Processor:  Core 2 Duo E6300

RAM: 2GB Dual Channel DDR400

HDD: 120GB IDE hard drive on primary bus

Removable: DVD on second bus

The torrent verified ok, and the media says it is ok - but what happens is
when it gets to the part where it says "Preparing installation." then it
appears to just abort the installation and shutdown.  The board runs other
operating systems fine - so I don't think it is a problem with the hardware.

Any ideas?  Thanks!

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