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Re: rescue cd installation

On 01/10/06, Kwan Lowe <kwan digitalhermit com> wrote:
I just finished another installation via HTTP to the fedora mirrors. I didn't notice
any errors, but on bootup I was left at a blank screen. I re-enabled CD boot and
dropped into rescue mode. Couple items:

I've tried an Internet install using the rescue CD pretty much as has
been mentioned earlier. However, i think I miskeyed the path to the
server as when I got to the X stage of the install, it bailed out
complaining that there was no valid repo.xml file. It then terminated
anaconda and restarted the machine.

Surely it should give me the opportunity to re-key the path to the
installation files rather than just terminating the install?

This was done using the most recent rescue CD image, and I attempted
to use the mirror at ftp.heanet.ie



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