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Thinkpad X31 hangs with ACPI enabled


I've been seeing random total hangs on my X31 for some time now, typically
in the middle of some random use (so no recent suspend/resume or anything).
At one point it seemed to be related to some large pixmaps showing up
in X (as in, it crashed right after going to a graphics-heavy webpage or
using rdesktop). Someone suggested ensuring that radeon.ko/DRI isn't used,
so I disabled that.

It was fine for a while after that (2.6.17-1.2650:ish kernels), then the
hangs came back and are even more common than they were before, and are
still in the latest rawhide kernels)

acpi=off looks like reliable work-around, it's been rock-solid with that for
days. Anyone else seen anything similar or is it just me? It's a total
hang (interrupt-related?), so it's a bit hard to diagnose the
thing... But if we can find some sort of pattern on when this happens (there
are quite a few models, actually, this one has aironet wireless + latest
BIOS in it), maybe we can get to the bottom of this?

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