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Re: Realtek RTL8111B fc6 problems

Gianluca Cecchi wrote:
I have an asus p5b-vm mainboard with an onboard pci-express card as in subject.
I tried 1.02 and 1.04 drivers from realtek, compiling against fc
kernels, but nothing changes.
I' have used various kernels also after fc6-test3 but with all of them
the network is very slow.
I tried connecting to a dsl modem network port and also to another
linux pc but nothing changes.
Kernel module compiles (with community suggested changes) and network
comes up but with awful performances.
I think it could depend on duplex or other similar settings based on
autonegotiation, but it seems that module documentation is not correct
about passing arguments for loading....
Anyone using these ethernet cards successfully?
Is it in list to include the r1000 driver inside the official/fc kernels?

Thanks in advance for your help.

What realtek card do you have exactly? If it's an 8168/8167 gigabit PCI-E adapter, you can try this patch: http://www.fr.zoreil.com/people/francois/misc/20060920-2.6.18-r8169-test.patch

It's already in official kernel tree (2.6.19-rc1)

Boris B. Zhmurov
System/Network Administrator
mailto: bb kernelpanic ru
"wget http://kernelpanic.ru/bb_public_key.pgp -O - | gpg --import"

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