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Re: Am I shooting for the stars asking for kernel 2.6.19 RC1 for FC5?

Gilbert Sebenste <sebenste weather admin niu edu> wrote:
> On Mon, 9 Oct 2006, Robert P. J. Day wrote:
> > not really.  why not just download the source straight from
> > kernel.org, configure, build and install?  seems to work fine for me.

> I've never tried it before, and I'm afraid of hosing something big time.
> I wouldn't even fathom on where to begin. Besides downloading it. :-)
> Besides, isn't Fedora's kernels tailored specifically to Fedora, so
> some things might stop working?

They aren't very much tailored today. Besides, you can keep the known
working kernel around.

You just need to:

- Grab the sources
- make menuconfig    # or xconfig
- make
- make modules_install install

Just make sure the configuration is OK. You could start copying the Fedora
configuration (in kernel-devel package, file .config) into .config in the
kernel source (the default configuration is just what a random kernel
hacker is using, so...). Make sure everything you need is either builtin or
a module. The last step even adds your new kernel to the grub
configuration, I usually copy the .config file into boot for future

Good luck!
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