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Re: FC6 Pre first attempt failed

Are you installing over a previous version of Linux with volume groups?  I have seen this problem with FC6 in numerous posts.  The problem stems from a bug that causes the installation to hang when there is a dash in the volume group name, e.g. "FC5-Vol00".  That might be the place to look for an answer.  Just a thought.

On 10/10/06, Guy Fraser <guy incentre net> wrote:
I thought I would give it a go, so I got the DVD using the torrent.

1) The Media test failed, but the sha1sum was correct.
2) The install would not progress past the X cursor.

The system I tested it on is a tricky beast. It has SATA,
SATA RAID and PATA drives, as well as a dual head nVidia
AGP 8X video card. During start up both SATA chip sets were
found, and apparently the standard nVidia driver works.

>From what I could tell, there was no disk activity once the
X cursor was displayed. I flipped through the pseudo terminals
and did not notice any errors.

When I get another chance to test, I will try a text install
then I will disconnect the SATA drives like I had to do to get
FC5 to install, and see how far I get then.

Question: Does the installer scan all drives for previous installs?

If it does, then that might explain the apparent inactivity.
I use the machine as a video archive server, and have over a
terrabyte of storage. I am not certain if reading from all
drives are indicated on the HD LED so it may not appear to be
doing anything.

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