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Re: I give, What in the world is the trick with AIGLX?

oldman wrote:
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Jesse Keating wrote:
On Monday 09 October 2006 17:55, oldman wrote:
(EE) AIGLX: Screen 0 is not DRI capable
This is the key. W/out DRI you can't do AIGLX. In order to get DRI for your nvidia card, you'd have to use the closed source binary drivers. Other video chips, such as intel, have opensource 3d rendering and thus can use AIGLX out of the box.

	Thanks Jessie,  I was pretty sure that was the case, but didn't realize
that nVidia's driver will fix the problem.  Do you know if it's AIGLX
that is causing the error in xorg.log?  I don't see the error in my FC5
or Ubuntu (non-AIGLX)?

Yes, the error message comes from AIGLX, that's why it's prefixed with 'AIGLX'. During the initialization, AIGLX checks that DRI is present. If not it logs this error and fall back to software rendering.


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