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Re: I give, What in the world is the trick with AIGLX?

Kristian Høgsberg wrote:
oldman wrote:

I should have explained that I have a 1.5Ghz lintel box with an nVidia
5600 series graphics card.  I have a list of cards that supposedly work
with AIGLX and this card is on it.

Where did you get that list of cards? It's wrong and should be corrected; nvidia cards doesn't work with AIGLX.


You might want to take note that a few weeks ago, nVidia released a beta version of their driver, 9625, which supports TFP to enable AIGLX to work:


and they have a sticky post on the nvnews forums regarding configuration:


There have been mixed results and a fair number of bug reports, but many are using compiz/beryl on nVidia cards under AIGLX.


Marc Schwartz

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