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Re: Have reached a point where I feel p***ed

On 10/11/06, Mike A. Harris <mharris mharris ca> wrote:

Now I fully understand that some people can be greatly frustrated
when a developer tells them to report the bug they've reported to
upstream.  I too sometimes feel frustrated when someone has told me
to do that, so I can fully relate.  But the logic inherent in what
I've said above holds true even for myself, and so upstream is
often the best place to report a bug period.

I know this has been discussed before, but is there any work being
done to implement inter-bugzilla communication? It is much nicer as a
user to have one bugzilla account and one bugmail address and one
place to change/store settings/bookmarked searches, and it means you
can follow up on all your bugs from one place. Also, when critical
bugs in a Fedora package are reported upstream (bugs we might have
blocked a release on, for example) we could end up releasing
insecure/baby-eating software without realizing it (I know this can
happen anyway, but the more critical bugs we know about the better).
It would be really great if some of the larger products used in Fedora
(kernel, freedesktop (X.org), openoffice, mozilla, gnome, gcc, etc)
could have their bugzilla's "connected" to our bugzilla. That way, if
a report is made that belongs upstream, the maintainer can press a
button and have it automatically reported upstream and then synced as
local (Red Hat bugzilla) changes or remote bugmail comes in. No
modification to upstream bugzillas would be needed, just a bot with
accounts at those upstream bugzillas.

Am I just daydreaming?

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