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Re: FC6 Pre first attempt failed

Well, I used my suse installation to fix the problem, changing the volume group name using the disk druid.  I am sure this can be done with the FC5 installation as well.  You might as well just remove the LVM with the Pre-release since it seems to be a bit buggy as of yet.  I wonder if FC6 will even make the amended release of 10/17!

On 10/11/06, Guy Fraser <guy incentre net> wrote:
On Tue, 2006-10-10 at 14:30 -0400, Mathieu Pelletier wrote:
> Are you installing over a previous version of Linux with volume
> groups?  I have seen this problem with FC6 in numerous posts.  The
> problem stems from a bug that causes the installation to hang when
> there is a dash in the volume group name, e.g. "FC5-Vol00".  That
> might be the place to look for an answer.  Just a thought.
It very well might since FC5 defaults to using LVM and creating
partitions like :

This should be considered a significant bug since almost all FC5
installations will be affected.

What is the work around?

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