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Re: FC6 Test4 : Desktop effects could not be enabled

oldman wrote:
Laurent Trillaud wrote:

I have a Dell Inspiron 9400 with a GeForce 7900GS. The FC6 test4
(pre-release) is full update on Oct 12.
Kernel is and GeForce driver v1.0.9625 from NVidia.

I can't start AIGLX Desktop effects. Instead I got "Desktop effects
could not be enabled".

Any idea?
Thanks in advance

	You could try this, though I haven't tested it against the new .9625
driver, Livna bugzilla says that the new xorg does not set this
variable.  Anyway edit your xorg.conf's [ServerLayout] section to
include the entry:

        InputDevice    "Mouse0" "CorePointer"

You'll need to restart X after you've successfully saved this
(Ctrl-Alt-BSpace) then try enabling desktop-effects again.  You may have
to restart X again, assuming that you don't get that error again.  At
least that's what the install notes say!

Thanks, but it doesn't work.
I'am still fighting :
- with with nvidia driver that don't compile without patch with new kernel.
- with compiling compiz or the fork beryl
- with configuring xorg.conf
But, it's my choice, no problem for me.
The problem, will be for regular users, that will download Fedora Core 6 final release in few days to see the new desktop with AIGLX and where, at least for nvidia owner, will don't see only "Desktop effects could not be enabled".
I just hope that this great feature will be available for the mass.

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