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Re: FC6 Test4 : Desktop effects could not be enabled

On Fri, 13 Oct 2006, Laurent Trillaud wrote:

oldman wrote:
Laurent Trillaud wrote:


I have a Dell Inspiron 9400 with a GeForce 7900GS. The FC6 test4
(pre-release) is full update on Oct 12.
Kernel is and GeForce driver v1.0.9625 from NVidia.

I can't start AIGLX Desktop effects. Instead I got "Desktop effects
could not be enabled".

Any idea?
Thanks in advance

	You could try this, though I haven't tested it against the new .9625
driver, Livna bugzilla says that the new xorg does not set this
variable.  Anyway edit your xorg.conf's [ServerLayout] section to
include the entry:

        InputDevice    "Mouse0" "CorePointer"

You'll need to restart X after you've successfully saved this
(Ctrl-Alt-BSpace) then try enabling desktop-effects again.  You may have
to restart X again, assuming that you don't get that error again.  At
least that's what the install notes say!


Thanks, but it doesn't work.
I'am still fighting :
- with with nvidia driver that don't compile without patch with new kernel.

The fix is pretty easy. Go into /usr/src/kernel/<version>/include/linux and symlink autoconf.h to config.h.

- with configuring xorg.conf

Let the nvidia installer to that. Then go in and remove the entire modules section.

But, it's my choice, no problem for me.
The problem, will be for regular users, that will download Fedora Core 6 final release in few days to see the new desktop with AIGLX and where, at least for nvidia owner, will don't see only "Desktop effects could not be enabled".

If they can find it at all. You have to know to load compiz and you have to dig a little to find where to set it.

I just hope that this great feature will be available for the mass.

And not prove to be un-pope-ular?

"Oh, Joel Miller, you've just found the marble in the oatmeal. You're a
lucky, lucky, lucky little boy. 'Cause you know why? You get to drink
from... the FIRE HOOOOOSE!"
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